27 July 2015

The things you do and the things you don't

Christmas in July. I haven't blogged since Christmas in December. And that although I planned to do a lot of videos and blog posts. But things happen, things change and the things you do suddenly turn into things you don't do. And here I am, seven months later, deciding to give it another go.

But since so much has happened I also changed a lot and I'm no longer (that) interested in Gyaru and other Japanese fashion styles. This is part of the reason why I stopped blogging for so long. My YouTube channel as well as my blog, Facebook and Twitter were set up with Gyaru in mind but it is unlikely my content will reflect this in the future.

So this means that going forward my layouts and contents will have to change. I still want do write about fashion, lifestyle, do vlogs etc. but it will clearly not be about Japanese fashion styles. I feel I've outgrown it, it's no longer "me". I wore Japanese styles for a long time but while I loved Gyaru to bits and pieces that style is even more expensive than Lolita and with life being crazy expensive in the UK I simply never got the chance to fully embrace it in everyday life.

Do I regret not wearing Gyaru more? Yes I do. Would I change it if I could? Maybe. But since I'm currently not in a position to do so I don't want to waste time thinking about "what ifs".

I will be attending Summer In The City in London this year and hope to meet a lot of interesting people and get tons of inspiration. I'm looking forward to it!

So long,


24 December 2014

23 December 2014

GIngerbread house ? That's so yesterday!

Helllllo everyone,

Yes it's another post from me ! I haven't been that active in ages but I like it :)
It's almost Christmas and it's really gotten cold outside. No snow though. Usually I don't like snow but for whatever reason this year I'd love to have a white Christmas. But I will look on the bright side - no snow means: public transport is safe.

But that's not what I want to talk about here. I made another (yes, another !) X-Mas related video. This time I built a house. Sorta. Check it out.

So long,