19 December 2014

DIY Santa Candy Sleigh Christmas Gift Idea

Hello everybody,

I've been doing several DIY projects recently and for today I've got a video of one of my latest ones. It's super easy and inexpensive, you might even have everything you need for that at home.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you: the Santa Candy Sleigh...

I'm happy with how they turned out! 

16 December 2014

DIY wine glass decor

Happy festive season everyone,

With Christmas sneaking up on us there's serious need for some nice Christmas decoration. Which is whyyy.... I made the following video.


So long,


14 December 2014

Living room decoration

Howdy everyone,

I recently "re"decorated my living room. Truth is, after moving into this apartment quite a while ago I've never gotten around to doing so and I was honestly tired of sitting in a half finished living room. So I did a *cough* little bit *cough* of shopping - mostly at IKEA, the place of all evil...

If you want to decorate or redecorate a room I honestly suggest to consult Pinterest for inspiration. Just search for random key words that come to your mind. Mine eventually led me to a more interesting color scheme in terms of living space and now I've got a black x lilac x creme living room. And what can I say...I love it!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed doing the stuff you can see IN it ;)

So long,